Does your company provide quality services and/or products but you feel that your growth is being held back? Do you want to reach a larger audience? Increase your qualified leads? Boost your revenue and grow consistently? All business owners can relate to the frustration of trying to find a solution, paying too much, and getting nothing in return to only makes things worse! You end up diverting your attention away from your core business to help it grow, but end up in a paradox of stagnant performance.

So, what is the solution and what makes LTS different? It’s simple. We know what it takes to enable sustainable growth. Our structure, strategy, and competency is 100% concentrated on getting you qualified leads. We are not a marketing firm, we are a full-service solution to help your company reach new heights. Our team of operations, marketing, and creative specialists work hand-in-hand with the aim of nurturing your company with qualified leads.

We’re the full-service solution that your business needs.


The LTS strategy is comprised of a multi-layered approach consisting of Lead Contact Management, Creative Services Development, and Inbound Marketing.


The core focus of our strategy is to effectively increase your company’s online presence to capture valuable lead data. This data is then leveraged with the aim of accelerating speed to contact, increasing revenue growth and saving your company both time and money.


LTS also provides the sales & service support you need all year round to make sure no lead slips through the cracks.

  We’ll help your company realize its true revenue potential.


Egypt Office:
 177 Elorouba Street
      Heliopolis, Cairo Egypt

USA Office:
 955 NW 17th Avenue, Suite E
      Delray Beach, FL 33445


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