Our core competency is to generate you qualified leads that convert to sales through effective customer contact management. We are a top lead and contact management firm with proficiencies in key areas that help your business grow.

Our marketing team will analyze your competition, audience data, defined behaviors, and specific activities to effectively expand your leads-capture. Our sales & service support team then contacts these leads to qualify them further, subsequently transferring strong leads to your sales team.

Every business, including yours, has a core competency. When focus is diverted away from that competency, your business may end up struggling. Through LTS Lead Contact Management, we enable your business to thrive by focusing on what it does best. Our solutions will free up more of your time and resources to be employed towards revenue production and real growth.

Our three segment Lead Contact Management strategy: Fast-TrackRecovery, and Support. View them all below!

FAST-TRACKQuickly Contact New Leads

Qualified leads generation can cost your company a lot on valuable resources that can otherwise be used more effectively. Our solution to this, Fast-Track, is the first segment of our Lead Contact Management strategy.

Fast-Track is the first in line of a set of solutions to more effectively utilize your team’s efforts and company resources. Fast-Track allows our leads generation agents to transfer warm qualified leads to your sales team straight away, all your team has to do is close the sale!

RecoveryRevive Matured Or Dead Leads

We bring what seem to be dead leads back to life! The Recovery segment is aimed to re-engage potential clients that have not been contacted for at least 60 days. The benefit here is that what may have been previously designated as a lost effort now becomes a valuable resource for qualified leads generation.

It’s important to note that re-engaging potential clients has proven to be more viable after some time has passed, giving the potential prospect more exposure time to your company’s online presence and marketing efforts.

Sales SupportRely On Quality Support

Quality control and time management are essential to your business’s success. We provide you with top lead and contact management professionals to make sure your phones are answered in a timely and professional fashion.

Our team is able to answer questions in relation to client/prospect needs, point clients/prospects in the right direction, and transfer calls to your free team members as needed.


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